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Dear students,

Tourism has become one of the most important sectors growing both in the world and in Turkey. Accordingly, it is estimated that tourism will gradually increase its contribution to global trade in the future. The Cumhuriyet University School of Tourism and Hospitality Management offers a modern, contemporary and successful education program since it was established in 2007. Departments affiliated to our school will gain researchers and innovative graduates in the tourism sector. The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management aims to bring up intellectually developed and globally competent students who will meet the demands of the world tourism sector.

The curriculum is prepared to equip students with core business skills and gives insights into the tourism industry. Our school has a contract with Farabi and Erasmus programs for successful students and also offers the opportunity to take a semester or two semesters at home and abroad in universities providing tourism education. Students, who graduate from our school at the end of the four year program will be able to comminicate with at least two foreign languages, will be equipped with basic managing and business knowledge will have a firm grasp of how tourism establishments are run or managed, and the necessary knowledge on how to run these establishments. Thanks to the infrastructure and technical equipment offered by our university, our graduates have a chance to get practical training and will be one step ahead of other colleagues. We have the awareness that the way of carrying our students forward in accordance with the conditions of the day must be to cooperate with the sector. Graduate students can find job opportunities especially in the Lodging Industry, the Travel Industry, the Food and Beverage Industry and Tours Guide Industry. Students of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management are supported and assisted throughout their education in a very warm and welcoming environment and also this support continues after their graduation.

We invite you to Sivas, a historical city and the campus of Cumhuriyet University, which hosts very different cultures, in order to uncover the gateway of a future filled with successes.

Prof. Dr. Halit Suavi AHIPAŞAOĞLU

Dean of Faculty Tourism

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